Vegetarian Nacho Recipes

Simple and tasty nacho recipes for vegetarian nacho lovers! This is our favorite quick and easy recipes to make when we get home late and don't feel like spending forever in the kitchen prepping and cooking for dinner.

If you feel like something delicious but don't have time to make it, try some of these tasty nacho variations. We always mix and match toppings with whatever we have on hand and they always turn out delicious.

Easy Vegetarian Nacho Recipes

Quick and Easy Black Bean Nachos for One

Even if you're watching your figure you can indulge with these tasty nachos as many times as you like throughout the week! And one serving of these is more than enough to fill you up.

Note: this recipe is for a single serving so if you're making dinner for two or more, be sure to adjust the ingredients to suit the number of servings you need.

What You'll Need:

  • 18 Corn tortilla chips
  • 1/2 c Black beans
  • 1/2 medium tomato, diced
  • 1/2 c Low fat cheddar cheese, shredded
  • Chopped green onions
  • You're favorite kind of salsa

Black Bean Nacho Recipe Instructions:

  1. Dice the tomato (unless you prefer to use canned diced tomatoes instead).

  2. Heat the beans in a small saucepan until heated through. We generally mash the beans up and make re-fried black beans but you can top your nachos with whole beans instead. Whichever you prefer... they are your nachos afterall. ;-)

  3. Top the tortilla chips with 1/2 c beans, diced tomato, shredded cheese, and green onions.

  4. Pop them in the toaster oven or microwave long enough to melt the cheese and enjoy with your favorite salsa for dipping. YUM!

  5. If you've got someone in the family who prefers queso cheese to shredded, heat up a little queso to pour over the top instead. I do this for Aaron all the time (after all... he's not watching his figure like I am).

Yield: 1 servings

Nutrition Facts:

401 calories, 8g fat, 59g carbohydrates, 31g protein

Vegetarian Chili Cheese Nacho Recipe

This is one of those nacho recipes that almost no one can't resist. Adults love them, kids can't get enough of them, and you can vary the toppings enough to please pretty much anyone.

What You'll Need:

  • Corn tortilla chips
  • 1 large tomato, diced (or 1-2 cans ro-tel)
  • 1 15 oz can re-fried beans
  • 1 15 oz can chili beans
  • 2 tsp taco seasoning
  • Chili seasoning and Cumin (optional)
  • Diced green onions (or yellow if you prefer)
  • 1 jar Mission Salsa Con Queso (or your favorite brand)
  • Salsa and sour cream for topping

How to Make Chili Cheese Nachos:

  1. Dice the tomato (or open and drain the ro-tel tomatoes).

  2. Cook the chili beans in a saucepan until heated through. If you like, you can add a touch of chili seasoning and cumin to them to make sure the chili taste really comes through, but be careful not to add too much. Set aside in a small bowl.

  3. Combine the re-fried beans and taco seasoning in a small saucepan and cook until heated through.

  4. Top tortilla chips evenly with re-fried beans. Spoon some chili beans over that and top with diced tomatoes and onions.

  5. Heat the queso in the microwave or on the stove in a small saucepan and pour over the nachos before serving.

  6. Serve with sour cream and salsa for dipping.

Yield: 4 servings

Nutrition Facts:

370 calories, 10g fat, 56g carbohydrates, 13g protein

Recipe Tips:

These are wonderful with this homemade re-fried beans recipe. They're super easy to make and they taste so much better than any of the canned stuff you can buy at the store.

We love to make these when we have leftover chili too (which we make a lot of, especially when it's cold outside). If you have it on hand, topping your favorite nacho recipes with leftover vegetarian chili is always the way to go.

Crispy Baked Vegetarian Chipotle Pita Nachos

This is probably one of my favorite nacho recipes ever. You make the chips out of pita bread cut into triangles. If you don't have any pita bread or can't find any, your favorite tortillas will work just fine too. Both are delicious and way less fattening than store bought chips.

What You'll Need:

  • 1 package pita rounds
  • 2 cans black beans or pinto beans (or 1 of each)
  • Diced tomatoes (fresh or canned)
  • Green or yellow onions, diced
  • Shredded taco style cheese or you're favorite queso
  • 1 can diced green chiles
  • Frozen or canned corn, to taste
  • Jalapenos (optional)
  • Fajita style frozen vegetables
  • Cooking spray or vegetable oil
  • Salsa and sour cream for garnishing

Vegetarian Chipotle Nacho Recipe Instructions:

  1. Cut the pita rounds in half and then cut each half into triangles. Once cut, split take the triangles apart and spread them in a single layer on a large pizza pan.

  2. In a small saucepan, cook the beans until heated through. Meanwhile, saute the frozen fajita vegetables, corn and green chiles in a skillet until tender and heated through.

  3. Lightly spray the pita bread triangles with cooking spray (or brush lightly with oil). Bake for 5-10 minutes on 375 degrees or just long enough for them to start getting crisp. Remove from the oven.

  4. Top the pita crisps with beans and sauteed vegetables, diced tomatoes, onions, jalapenos (if desired) and shredded cheese. Place back into the oven and bake long enough to melt the cheese and get the chips nice and crispy brown.

  5. Serve with salsa and sour cream.

Yield: 4-6 servings

Nutrition Facts:

4 Servings: 397 calories, 2g fat, 72g carbohydrates, 27g protein

6 Servings: 265 calories, 1g fat, 48g carbohydrates, 18g protein

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